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Every day, we make a difference in the world by leaving an impact on society and growing as professionals in our fields of expertise. We live & breathe all things Ayurveda!

Constant skill development and learning

Stability and advancement in your career

Perks and amenities that are unrivalled in the industry

Exposure on a global scale- International patients

A team of highly qualified senior doctors

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We cherish our culture's richness and strive to make life intriguing, productive, and pleasant for everyone. At Dr Basu Eye Hospital, Ayurveda is celebrated and so are the people who utilize it to help patients heal and recover from across the globe.

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Best Ayurveda Doctors

Dr Mahendra Singh Basu and Dr Mandeep Basu are respected names in the Ayurveda community. Isotine is the flagship invention of Dr M S Basu. They have the trust of lakhs and lakhs of patients from across the globe. Moreover, the hospital itself has a legacy of 35 years.

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