What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer Vision Syndrome is a term that refers to a group of vision and eye difficulties caused by using a computer or other digital device for an extended period of time. Over the last few decades, these issues have become more common. Both kids and adults suffer from digital eye strain. Uncorrected visual impairments are a significant contributor. It is sometimes caused by underlying health complications.

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    Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

    Blurred Vision

    Dry Eye

    Eye Fatigue

    Eye Itching

    Data & Statistics For Computer Vision Syndrome From Research Studies

    Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is a widespread problem among computer users. CVS affects 90 per cent of computer users who spend more than three hours per day in front of a computer screen. CVS affects almost 60 million people worldwide, resulting in decreased output at work and a lower quality of life.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Screen brightness, dull lighting, poor posture when using a computer, working on a computer at an incorrect distance and angle, uncorrected vision disorders, or conjunction of many of these issues can all contribute to digital eye strain.

    After every 2 hours of computer use, take a 15-minute break. Increase the size of the text on your computer or digital device. Keep your screen between 20 and 28 inches from your eyes and remember to blink frequently.

    The majority of symptoms linked with CVS are temporary and do not cause long-term damage. After you discontinue using the digital screen for some time or start treating your eye strain, the symptoms normally fade or disappear.

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