The Ayurvedic Approach To Eye Health

The ancient science of Ayurveda is an integrative form of healthcare that focuses on disease prevention and overall health. Its holistic approach to nutrition and wellness makes it indispensable in today’s world. One of Ayurveda’s eight components, “Shalakya Tantra,” throws light on detailed eye care. It also includes a plethora of simple, convenient, and efficient ways to maintain eye health. Although basic, these methods are realistic and can be effortlessly implemented in our daily lives to prevent lifestyle-related eye problems.


How Is Lifestyle A Problem?


Prolonged screen time, a hectic routine, sleep deprivation, poor diet, limited or no exercise and canned food are the varied aspects that have detrimental effects on the eyes. Exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause eye problems like immature cataracts and macular degeneration, which can impair vision. Other factors that might affect our eyes’ health include dust, allergens, wind, and low humidity. What do we do to guard ourselves against such factors? Nothing. In a nutshell, there’s simply too much for an organ as sensitive as the eye to tolerate.


The Solution? Ayurvedic Lifestyle


Numerous eye issues can be avoided by leading a healthy lifestyle. Tobacco and alcohol use, a high-fat diet and junk food, extreme stress, and constant exposure to light emitted from television and computer screens are just a few of the variables that compromise eye health. According to Ayurveda, one must follow the mentioned principles to not only have a proper vision but also overall physical health- 


Dinacharya- As per Ayurvedic science, adhering to a suitable dinacharya, or daily regimen, aligns us with nature’s cycles and helps us maintain physical health.


Ritucharya- Ritucharya, or seasonal routine, is a way of life, as well as an Ayurvedic eating regimen and practice, that helps people cope with the emotional and bodily effects of seasonal variations.


Sadhvritta- Sadhvritta refers to the ethical and moral foundations that enable a person to live a healthy and peaceful life.


Swasthavritta- It encapsulates all aspects of dinacharya, ritucharya, ratricharya, and sadhvritta in order to accomplish the objectives of eternal happiness and wellbeing. 


Chakshyusya Rasayana- To enhance eye health and prevent eye diseases, Chakshyusya Rasayana, or Ayurvedic medicine for the eyes, can be used in unison with other treatments and disciplines.


Ayurvedic Remedies For Extensive Eye Care




Trataka is one of the six yogic cleansing techniques, or Shat Kriyas, described in The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, a traditional yogic text. In simple terms, it is candle gazing. Trataka is a technique for harnessing awareness and concentration, relaxing the mind, and soothing and strengthening the eyes by focusing your consciousness on a single spot, usually a flame. Trataka is typically performed with a ghee candle, as it is considered that the golden radiance of ghee and its light will increase endurance and comfort the eyes. Trataka is an exemplary approach to counteract the effects of too much blue light while also incorporating meditation into your lifestyle. 


Castor Oil 


Yes! Castor Oil does more than you think, its benefits are not just limited to hair. To relieve irritated, itchy, swollen, or dried eyes, one drop of organic, hexane-free, pure castor oil in each eye before sleeping is advised, as this oil includes fatty acids and antibacterial qualities that have an instant effect. Castor oil provides the extra benefit of nourishing the area surrounding your eyes and also your eyelashes. If you’ve never used castor oil before, be aware that you may feel some blurriness, however, it should subside quickly. If the blurriness in your eyes persists or you encounter any irritation, stop using castor oil.


We live in a reality drenched in visual stimuli, and our eyes are, without a doubt, the most stressed of all our systems. As we study, comprehend and develop, they allow us to perceive things around us, and they, like the rest of our organs, require care. To prevent some of the concerns, it is critical to maintain a regular eye care regimen using Ayurvedic solutions and methods. Book an Appointment at +91 9625462068

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