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40 Most Influential Asians


We are thrilled to share the amazing news that Dr Mandeep Singh Basu, the Director of Dr Basu Eye Hospital, has been honoured with the prestigious 40 Most Influential Asians under 40 Award in 2017 by PricewaterCoopers India. This remarkable achievement is a testament to Dr Mandeep’s visionary leadership and dedication to revolutionizing the field of eye care. Join us as we celebrate this momentous occasion and reflect on Dr Mandeep Basu’s journey towards making a difference in the lives of numerous individuals in India as well as worldwide.


About the award: The 40 Most Influential Asians under 40, 2017, by PricewaterCoopers India, is a prestigious award that recognizes individuals who have significantly impacted their respective fields before age 40. This recognition celebrates the exceptional achievements, leadership, and contributions of young Asians shaping industries and driving change. The recipients of this award are acknowledged for their innovative thinking, transformative ideas, and dedication to making a positive difference. In addition, it serves as a platform to showcase the talent, vision, and potential of these outstanding individuals, inspiring others to reach new heights of success and influence.


Acknowledging the Achievement: Dr Mandeep Basu expressed his gratitude for being recognized with this esteemed award. With enthusiasm and unwavering zeal, he embarked on a mission to improve eye health through innovative approaches and Ayurvedic practices. His relentless efforts and passion for his craft have propelled him towards this significant milestone, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the industry.


Teamwork and Patient Trust: Dr Mandeep attributes this achievement to the collective efforts of the dedicated teams of Ayurvedic doctors and others at Dr Basu Eye Hospital. Their tireless work, commitment to excellence, and unwavering focus on patient care have been instrumental in achieving this prestigious recognition. In addition, Dr Mandeep recognizes the invaluable trust and support of the patients who have placed their faith in the hospital’s expertise, making this achievement all the more meaningful.


Continuing the Mission: The 40 Most Influential Asians under 40 Award serves as a powerful motivator for Dr Mandeep and the entire team to continue their pursuit of excellence in eye care. It is a reminder of the positive impact they have made and the responsibility they bear in shaping the industry’s future. Driven by this recognition, they are determined to push boundaries, explore new frontiers, and further elevate the standards of eye care.


Dr Basu Eye Hospital proudly celebrates Dr Mandeep’s well-deserved recognition as among the 40 Most Influential Asians under 40. This award honours his exceptional achievements and inspires the entire team to strive for even greater heights. With their unwavering commitment to holistic eye care, innovative treatments, and personalized patient experiences, Dr Basu Eye Hospital remains dedicated to transforming lives and preserving vision. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr Mandeep and look forward to the remarkable contributions that lie ahead in Ayurvedic eye care.




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