What is Dry Eye?

Dry eye disease is a prevalent problem that happens when your tears aren’t able to keep your eyes moistened enough. Tears may be insufficient for a variety of causes. Dry eyes might occur if you don’t make enough tears or if the tears you do produce are of low quality. Dry eye causes infection and injury to the eye’s surface. It’s unpleasant to have dry eyes, the eyes might itch or sting.

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    Symptoms of Dry Eyes

    Stinging/Burning Sensation

    Eye Redness & Fatigue

    Blurred Vision

    Senstivity To Light

    Data & Statistics For Dry Eyes From WHO & Other Research Studies

    Dry Eye Syndrome, a condition related to dry eyes, affects up to 70% of the elderly population. Depending on the demographic studied, it affects 5–34 per cent of individuals to some degree. In China, it affects roughly 17% of the population.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Any irregularity in one of the three layers of tears results in an unstable tear film, which causes dry eye conditions. Increased tear film evaporation is the most common cause of dry eye. Because tear production declines with age, one of the most prevalent reasons for dry eyes is ageing.

    Prevent having air blown in your eyes. Avoid having hairdryers, heaters, air conditioners, or fans directed toward the eyes.  Wearing wraparound eyewear or other safety glasses is a good idea. During extensive activities, take frequent breaks and keep your computer screen below eye level.