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The 70th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress (IPC-2018) was launched on December 21 with the theme “Pharma Vision 2030: Indian Pharma Industry – A Global Leader,” aimed at positioning India as a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry. The inauguration ceremony was conducted by the Vice President of India, Venkaiah Naidu. Approximately 8,000 delegates from the pharmaceutical sector participated in this significant event, held at Amity University in Noida.These participants actively engaged in a series of compelling sessions that spanned across three days, featuring the valuable insights of 125 esteemed national and international speakers.

“India is already on the road to becoming the third largest economy in the world and the Pharma industry is an important stakeholder in the growth. The Union Budget 2017-18 shows that there is an increase of 23 per cent on health expenditure which will benefit the Pharma industry. The government has proposed an amendment to the Drugs and Cosmetic Rules which will ensure the availability of generic medicine at affordable prices to promote the use of generic medicines. The government and the Pharma sector need to harness the power of information technology,” said Venkaiah Naidu, Vice-President of India.

The Indian Pharmaceutical Congress (IPC) is organized annually in India by the Indian Pharmaceutical Congress Association (IPCA), which is a federation comprising five professional pharmaceutical bodies: the Indian Pharmacy Graduates’ Association (IPGA), Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA), Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India (APTI), Indian Hospital Pharmacists’ Association (IHPA), and All India Drugs Control Officers’ Confederation (AIDCOC). This significant event brought together industry leaders, thought provokers, and experts to engage in meaningful discussions about the challenges and solutions in realizing the Pharma Vision 2030. 

IPCA, the apex body representing Indian pharmacists, serves as a collective voice for professionals working across diverse domains. These include community pharmacists, hospital pharmacists, individuals engaged in industry roles such as production, research and development, quality assurance, marketing, regulatory affairs, as well as those involved in academics and other specialized fields. IPCA unifies and represents the interests of pharmacists across these various capacities and areas of work.

This yearly conference serves as a platform for members of the pharmacy profession to exchange innovative ideas. Additionally, the conference places emphasis on enhancing the leadership role of women within the pharmacy field. During the  Indian Pharmaceutical Congress (IPC) discussions are held to address the challenges faced by the pharmacy profession, and resolutions are passed by the organizing association. These resolutions are then forwarded to the relevant authorities for further consideration.

Dr Basu Eye Hospital’s Participation:

The participation of Dr. Basu Eye Hospital, a renowned organization specializing in Ayurvedic eye care, in the 70th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress (IPC) was truly commendable. Dr. Mandeep Basu, the Director of the hospital, along with his team, contributed significantly to the positive atmosphere of the event.

By actively engaging in the Indian Pharma Association (IPA) National Pharma Elocution Contest (NEC), Dr. Basu and his team demonstrated their commitment to knowledge exchange and professional growth. Our Team’s participation in this contest showcased our expertise and dedication to the advancement of the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Basu Eye Hospital’s involvement in the IPC not only highlighted our expertise in Ayurvedic products but also served as an inspiration to other participants. Our Doctor’s and team’s presence added to the diversity of perspectives and experiences within the congress, enriching the overall discussions and sessions.

Overall, Dr. Basu Eye Hospital’s active involvement in the IPC portrayed our commitment to professional excellence and our dedication to advancing the field of pharmaceuticals. Our participation undoubtedly left a positive impact, inspiring others and contributing to the overall success of the event.

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