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Exploring & Empowering Health Equity For All on World Health Day 2024

World Health Day

World Health Day is a global health day celebrated every year on 7th April. It is an opportunity to drive worldwide attention to a subject of significant importance for global health each year. The theme of World Health Day 2024 is “My Health, My Right.”

World Health Day 2024 concentrates on everyone’s fundamental right to access quality healthcare, regardless of location. The goal is to facilitate equitable health outcomes and ensure that each individual has the chance to live healthy lives.

Talking about the year 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that over half of the global population lacked a permit to access essential healthcare services. The theme aimed to raise awareness about this imbalance and encourage efforts to address it.

Premium grade healthcare:

It is ensuring that healthcare is more than just making it available. There is a significant need to provide efficient, reasonable, and premium-grade healthcare service, which will be highlighted on World Health Day in 2024.

Universal Health Coverage: Another crucial aspect is that everyone gets access to healthcare when required without bothering about paying for it, known as universal health coverage. Ayuushman Yojna, started by the government of India, is a step that shows the same approach, though the program only covers the underprivileged. 

Certifying Individuals: This subject highlights the extent of access to knowledge and teaching. Well-informed and literate individuals about medical disorders may make the best selections for their health and well-being.

Creating Equal Health Systems: This topic promotes dealing with the underlying causes of inequities in health. It helps programs and policies that promote fair access to socioeconomic determinants of health, therapy, and preventative care.

Why Do We Celebrate World Health Day?

World Health Day is celebrated in honor of the World Health Foundation, and it offers a rare chance to collect support for individual global health challenges and bring

Considerable attention to pertinent areas of global health.

  • People are unaware of the hazards and defensive measures associated with multiple chronic diseases, which causes them to go unnoticed. World Health Day in 2024 is the right platform to bring any disease that needs to be highlighted so that these issues get the proper attention, care, and necessary action.


  • On the eve of World Health Day, we are reminded that everyone has the fundamental human right to health, regardless of where we live or our financial situation. 


  • Health Day allows governments worldwide to allocate funds for healthcare infrastructure and resources, encourages people’s adoption of a healthy lifestyle, and allows healthcare organizations to enhance their services invariably. In India, the primary healthcare system has been consistently improving, with special attention on primary healthcare center build-up as a major priority across the country.   


  • As a reminder that attaining global health necessitates a concerted effort, World Health Day promotes cooperation between governments, non-governmental organizations, and healthcare professionals.


  • World Health Day offers a platform for observing developments in all the sections of healthcare. Showcasing adequate tactics and inventions might motivate more research and commitment to improving global health outcomes.


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