Ayurvedic Treatment For Myopia- Is It Effective?

Understanding Myopia 


Myopia, often known as near-sightedness or short-sightedness, is a vision problem in which light concentrates in front of the retina rather than on it. As a result, faraway items appear blurry, while nearby objects appear normal. Headaches and eye strain are two common symptoms.


The underlying process is either an increase in the length of the eyeball or, less typically, an increase in the strength of the lens. It’s a unique sort of refractive defect. Nearsightedness is the most prevalent vision problem, affecting 1.5 billion people worldwide (22 per cent of the population). One of the most prominent causes of visual impairment worldwide is untreated Myopia.


The Various Types of Myopia


Simple myopia- It is defined as myopia with a diopter range of less than 4.00 to 6.00. This is the most common type of Myopia.


Degenerative myopia- This is also known as pathological, or progressive myopia, which is characterised by prominent fundus abnormalities such as posterior staphyloma, as well as a significant refractive error and poor visual acuity following correction.


Induced Myopia- Various drugs, changes in glucose levels, nuclear sclerosis, oxygen toxicity or other atypical circumstances can cause acquired, otherwise known as Induced myopia.


How Does Ayurveda Help?


According to Ayurveda, the disease of Myopia is caused by the progressive degeneration of the Vata and Pitta doshas. Myopia is treated using ayurvedic eye remedies in a stepwise and methodical approach. 


Ayurvedic medicines for myopia, eye movements to strengthen the eye muscles, a healthy diet and lifestyle, and Panchakarma therapies can all help to slow down the course of the disease. Medically approved and verified ways of myopia treatment in Ayurveda include Annalepana, eye massage, netradhara, and tharpana.


So, the question arises- How effective Ayurveda is in treating Myopia? Well, the efficiency of Ayurveda mostly depends on the purity of treatment, it is also influenced by the lifestyle one leads.  


A wide spectrum of herbs is proven to help in Myopia, however, we at Dr Basu Eye Hospital believe in an integrative approach. We provide our patients with complete packages containing eye drops (Isotine RB & Tonic) and capsules (ISO Retinitis, Arjuna & Amrit) which are prescribed only after a detailed eye examination and consultation. Our 100% Ayurvedic solutions have aided thousands of Myopia patients from across the globe.

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