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What Are Options for Cataract Treatment without Surgery?

Options for Cataract Treatment

Cataracts — and cataract surgery — are concerns that either you or a loved one will consider at some point. Cataracts impact more than, and that number grows every year.

At Dr Basu Eye Hospital, we provide cataract treatment without surgery with excellent outcomes; after over lakhs of patients getting entirely treated without cataract surgeries, our experienced cataract Ayurvedic team knows how to help. 

 Post Covid Ayurvedic Awareness

Moreover, post-COVID, people’s mindset has shown a substantial deviation, and they have chosen Ayurvedic eye care at Dr Basu Eye Hospital as a trusted resource. The trust has built up due to the healing impact and the medication provided showing no side effects.

Everyone knows that eye surgery of any kind can be a distressing option. Now, people know there is a way to eliminate cataracts without cataract surgery, and that is possible by Ayurvedic way. There are many alternatives, but you can completely cure your cataracts at Dr Basu Eye Hospital. The good news depends on you on how sincerely you take your medications.

In a few months, most of the patients start getting their results for their eye problems, and you will not notice any deterioration. People who are suffering not only from Cataracts but other types of eye problems, including myopia, hypermetropia, glaucoma, and even eye problems due to high blood sugar, can get themselves cured at Dr Basu Eye Hospital

The Ayurvedic Perspective of Cataract Formation

As per Ayurveda, aggravated Vata leads to the formation of a cataract. It is known as Timira, wherein the “tatwa” imbalance leads to an imbalance in the dosha.

Out of all the elements responsible for the balance of tatwa i.e kapha , Vata and pitta in cataract there is irritation of vata. This hampers the flow of energy and light which ultimately leads to cloud formation in the eye lens and thereby making the vision completely blurred.

How could you delay the cataract condition?

You can check if Cataracts are increasing by following a few basic instructions.

  1. Stay hydrated

A dehydrated body can add more toxins, increasing health problems. The body detoxifies and blushes out toxins when you drink enough water. Drinking enough water is one of the best ways to keep your body and eye health safe.

  1. Nadi Shuddi Pranayam –

One more way you can get relief from cataract is by practicing the Nadi Shuddi pranayam wherein the person suffering from cataract symptoms has to be seated in a meditative posture so that his head and spine are erect and the body completely relaxed. 

In this complete pranayam kriya, the patient has to close one of his nostril and he can exhale through the other nostril completely. Similarly, he will have to breathe in intensely through the other nostril while the opposite nostril is still shut with the thumb.

  1. Regular eye checkups

For people who are getting older and still don’t have any symptoms, an eye examination at regular intervals is essential, especially after the age of 40. The eye check is useful to diagnose chronic disease in patients suffering from cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration.By going for routine visits, the doctor can address the vision problems  more effectively.

How to help people who are left untreated with Cataracts ?

People who have been left untreated for cataracts may get affected by driving, etc., inducing irritation and frustration. There have been several incidences wherein a person, due to impaired vision, has met with hip fractures. Therefore when left untreated cataracts  for prolonged periods  may result in total vision loss.  

Surgery is the last option but you must have realized that cataract treatment without surgery is also possible. This is possible at Dr Basu Eye Hospital when you meet with an eye specialist, as it is clear that untreated cataracts can turn into a significant problem. 

Book your appointment with the Dr Basu Eye hospital to learn more about cataract treatment. 

For getting diagnosed you can book an appointment and our Cataract specialists will help you to get the right treatment you need. With the help of our trusted team & expert Ayurvedic doctors  we can help you get the best possible eye care that fits your needs and wants. Get in touch today!

Can Video consultation help you?

Video consultation can help if you have visible symptoms but cannot approach the doctor directly due to physical weakness or if you are far from the hospital’s location. 

Video consultation is applicable for patients who are suffering from chronic disorders like diabetes, high blood pressure and can’t move from one destination to another destination.

The video consultation stands out as the ultimate remedy for patients who can’t make it to the hospital due to disability issues or any chronic diseased condition. The video call helps such patients to take the precautionary step when needed and follow the medicines prescribed.

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